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Modern society, as it is often called “Knowledge-based society,” deeply depends on scientific technology and the related expertise. On the other hand, today’s scientific research at universities, research institutes, and other organizations is unfeasible without social infrastructures such as funding systems and understanding from local communities. Therefore, future scientists and professionals should be trained not only in specialized research skills, but also in the capacity to understand both the social impact of science and the social infrastructure of scientific research.

SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) aims to nurture the next generation of leading scientists and highly specialized professionals who have both outstanding expertise and broad perspectives. Our `Science and Society’ research and education, which studies the social dimensions of scientific research, is a means to foster such broad perspectives. This “Science and Society” education originated in the School of Advanced Sciences in Hayama Campus and has started to be extended, as the “Science and Society” Program, to all SOKENDAI students.

This program is run by the faculty members in charge of `science and society’ education at the school of Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI.

Kenji Ito(Associate Professor)
History of Science and Technology. Science, Technology and Society.

Kaori Iida(Associate Professor)
History of Science and Technology (History of Biology)

Nozomi Mizushima(Assistant Professor)
Science, Technology and Society. Gender Studies of Science and Technology.

Yukinori Onishi(Assistant Professor)
Philosophy of Science.