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Science, Technology and Society II

Course objective

Science and technology can have a huge impact on society and they require various social support for its maintenance and further development. For this reason, researchers are expected to have a deep understanding of the relation between science and society. This course introduces various topics in Social Studies of Science and aims to provide a broader perspective on the nature of science and technology, as well as the social issues surrounding them.

Course plan

Section1 (Onishi)
Social Aspects and Rationality of Science 1: Challenges against rationality of science
Social Aspects and Rationality of Science 2: Reconciling social nature of science and its rationality

Section2 (Iida)
Radiation and Society from a Historical Perspective
Industry, Science, and Risk Controversy

Section 3 (Ito)
Thinking from Social History of Research: Recap and Supplement

Section 4 (Mizushima)
Science Communication and Social Decision Making on Science & Technology

Other information

 Instructors: Kenji Ito, Kaori Iida, Nozomi Mizushima, Yukinori Onishi
Venue: Hayama Campus
Date (Tentative): January 16th-17th, 2019
Language: English (Japanese if all the participants speak Japanese)

For the other details, please see the syllabus of this course at SOKENDAI Syllabi Search (Course number 30DESa05).