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"Science and Society" education at research institutes

As part of the "Science and Society" Program, the "Integration of Science Knowledge" Special Committee awards a grant, on the basis of application reviews, to SOKENDAI faculty members who intend to provide "Science and Society" education at inter-university research institutes. It is to defray costs incurred in implimenting such educational activities. The following is the breakdown of the costs that applications can include:

[Travel Costs] Travel costs (domestic and/or international; travel costs for student participation, for inviting foreign speakers, etc.) necessary to impliment "Science and Society" education
[Honoraria] Honoraria to speakers, providers of expert knowledge, those who collaborated by other means, etc. necessary to implement "Science and Society" education
[Goods] Costs of equipments, expendable supplies, books, etc. necessary to implement "Science and Society" education. NB: Books purchased with this grant become properties of SOKENDAI because grant payment is processed through the Hayama administrative headquarters. Applicants should indicate in applications the references (titles, authors, etc) of the books intended to purchase and get approval in advance from the "Integration of Science Knowledge" Special Committee.
[Others] Registration fees for conferences and seminars, rental fees for conference/seminar venues, etc.

It is the condition for accepting this grant to participate in relevant symposia and seminars organized by the "Integration of Science Knowledge" Special Committee.

* The next call for applications will be announced on this website.