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"Science and Society" Workshop (No. 2) in Hayama. December 13 and 14, 2014

The Cold War and Science

The Cold War is one of the most important periods in history of science for the "Science and Society " education at Sokendai. This period is crucial for understanding the subsequent course of science policies, and the Cold War provides many important cases for considering ethical questions arising in the interface betweeen science and society. Research on this topic is still on-going and being reexamined especially from the transnational perspective.

This workshop will be held on the occasion of the visit to Japan of two important scholars in this field, Susan Lindee and Betty Smocovitis. It is intended for the informal discussion of ongoing researches (works-in-progress) to contribute to future research and education on this theme. Other confirmed presenters include Masakatsu Yamazaki, Takeshi Kurihara, Jin Hamamura, Kaori Iida and Kenji Ito. Yoshiyuki Kikuchi will be the discussant of the workshop. The presentation and discussion language is English.

For more information, or to participate, please contact Kenji Ito (ito_kenji [at] soken.ac.jp). There are a limited number of accommodations for the night of December 13