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It is mandatory for all students of The Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems, School of Advanced Sciences to submit a sub-thesis in addition to a doctoral thesis. Students who major in life science should write a sub-thesis on “science and society,” and students in “science and society” a sub-thesis on life science. The objective of assigning a sub-thesis is to give students in life science deeper understanding of the social significance and infrastructure of their own research activities, and to give students in “science and society” a real sense of scientific research activity. Students choose a topic by themselves and conduct research under the supervision of an instructor.

Topics for a “science and society” sub-thesis are wide-ranging and include science education, science policy, dilemmas between environment protection and development, the historical understanding of the sociobiology controversy, and relationships between local communities and the particular wild animal species the student is researching for his main-thesis.


Kenji Ito(Associate Professor)
History of Science and Technology. Science, Technology and Society.

Kaori Iida(Associate Professor)
History of Science and Technology (History of Biology)

Nozomi Mizushima(Assistant Professor)
Science, Technology and Society. Gender Studies of Science and Technology.

Yukinori Onishi(Assistant Professor)
Philosophy of Science.